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iSLAS Tasting Menu in a Box

whole fish snapper, chicken bbq, bagnet crispy pork belly, kalbi short ribs, chinoy noodles, empanada, lumpia, fruits, vegetables, garlic fried rice wrapped in banana leaves served in a box. Turon (caramelized plantain with jackfruit spring rolls). And five different sauces on the side: escabeche sweet and sour sauce for fish snapper, lechon sauce for bagnet, bbq dipping sauce, spicy aioli for baked empanada and banana ketchup for lumpia.

*Pre-order, please specify date and time of pick-up. Available Wednesday to Sunday, 4:30pm-9:30pm and Thanksgiving Day, October 12 MONDAY from 11am-5pm. Kindly call (416) 533-0777 to confirm if ordered and pick-up within the day.

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